D&D 5e

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D&D 5e

Beitragvon wusa » Fr 17. Feb 2017, 11:57

Hey there - or 'Moin'

Together with two other guys I am currently looking for players for our new D&D 5e campaign.
Although we are not all native speakers of the english language we will predominately play in english. If you are new to the game do not feel intimidated, because one of our guys is also going to play his first table top game and our first one or two sessions will be somewhat of a 'soft start' ;)

As we are planning to game once a month (weekends) we aim for a long running campaign, so if you are here only for a short time this may not be the right group for you.

We already have a DM, which is me, we will also play at my place in the Neustadt. Since I have a dog I think it would be suboptimal if you'd be allergic to dogs (but she's a very nice dog, she just barks when someone enters the flat but is a cutesy little doll afterwards). I also have two kids, one of which is still very small, so we have to respect their bed time ;)

EDIT: we have, with Paul here, three players and two others of whom I am not sure whether they'll actually take part. If you're still interested please let me know via pm ;)
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Re: D&D 5e

Beitragvon PaulL » So 19. Feb 2017, 13:50

Hi there,

I'd be interested if you're still looking for players.

I'm new to Bremen and Germany. I moved here for work about 3 months ago. I'm from England and used to role play many years ago (AD&D 2e) and would like to get back into it.



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Re: D&D 5e

Beitragvon wusa » Sa 1. Jun 2019, 22:19

So it's been a while. Our group is still playing (with much of the same people as we started - lost one, added another), so that's very cool!

But I'm really in need of another group of enthusiasts to play more D&D. If your group needs another player - or if you want to start a new group, please feel invited to let me know!

What do I bring to the table?
  1. I've been playing and DMing RPGs (DSA/D&D/Numenera/Shadowrun/Cthulhu) since 8th grade, that's about 15 years of experience
  2. some minor theater experience from school (with which I want to say I like to speak in character and do role play)
  3. in-depth knowledge of the rules of the game
  4. tactical and strategic thinking (not only when it comes to encounters, but the rest of the game as well)
  5. a high degree of motivation to plan out character arcs and backgrounds
  6. skills in miniature painting and terrain crafting (some 50+ minis painted to be table ready, probably more if I think about it too much, also I made my own dungeon tiles and some rock/cave terrain (both of which are great as first projects, but I will make more things, buildings and better tiles etc.))
  7. I can co-DM, however, I already run a campaign and running another full sized campaign would not be possible, short side adventures and the likes are no problem
  8. English and German language

(thought this would make it more reader friendly :xgh: )

When can I play?
I've got a family, so a whole day at the weekend is not possible for me to do. I'd like a weekday evening (from 6pm) group, but I'm not that picky.

Where can I play?
As the weather permits I'd say anything that is within Bremen city proper (so about 6km from the center). I live in the Neustadt but cannot host, because kids and wife.

What kind of table am I looking for?
As you can see above I have some things I like, however, I am always open to new experiences. Something I recently started to be more interested in, is playing in a campaign that works similarly to one run by Matt Colville, so if that's what you do, or something you are interested in trying I think I might be your guy.
In terms of themes etc. I prefer The Lord of the Rings to A Song of Ice and Fire, though I also like Tolkien's other works, just not the stuff ASoIaF has turned fantasy into.
I have DM knowledge about "Out of the Abyss" and play in "Curse of Stradh", I don't really want to play in another one of these to be brutally honest.
I avoid tables that accept or facilitate any kind of sexism, homophobia, racism, and the likes.

So. This is quite a lot already, my assumption is that 80% have already zoned out, but what can you do. If there are any questions remaining, please feel free to send me a PM or ask here if you want everyone to be able to read my favorite kind of candy (Haferkekse).

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